Cool Planter Ideas You Can Try At Home

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If you are an avid gardener that doesn't have a lot of space in the backyard for a full garden, the chances are good that you are doing most of your planting in planters. This is an awesome way to practice your hobby but not take up a lot of room. The problem might be that you have run out of planters and are bored with the ones that are currently on the market. Here are some cool do-it-yourself planters that you can make at home.

1. Hanging Rain Boot Planters

Rain boots are an excellent place to grow flowers because the material out of which the rain boot is made will not allow water in or out, meaning that any water that you pour on the dirt in a rain boot will not pour out immediately and will keep the plants inside nourished. If you have a wooden fence, you might want to consider making a row of hanging garden boot planters. First, go online or raid your local thrift shop for rain boots. Try to get ones that are colorful and have fun patterns.

Then, have a friend hold the garden boot near your wooden fence so that the back of the boot is touching the fence. Try to keep the boot perpendicular to the ground. While your friend holds the boot, nail your boot to the fence using two or three nails. Make sure that you leave an inch and a half to two inches between each of the nails in order to disperse the pressure that will be put on the back of the boot and reduce the chances that the boot will tear. Then, fill the boot up with dirt and seeds to create a planter. Make a row of these boots to create a stronger impression.

2. Colander Planters

Another cool option is to use some of the old colanders that you have lying around. Colanders are great for planters because they have the holes that allow the water to slowly drain out of the planter so that your plants do not drown. Take your colander and spray paint the outside of it the color of your choice. Avoid painting the inside in order to make sure that your plants are not contaminated by paint. Allow the paint to dry. Then, fill up the colander with dirt and the plant of your choice and you've got yourself a cool planter. 

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14 October 2015

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