3 Types Of Coins Ideal For Casket Burials

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When a loved one passes away, there is a lot of planning that goes into a funeral. As a body is laid to rest inside of a casket, there are a number of items that can be placed in the casket. A variety of keepsakes can be placed inside to honor a loved one and showcase your love. As you select items, you want to have something that is small and can easily fit into the casket. A coin is an ideal keepsake. It will not take up much room and the small designs can honor a loved one in a number of different ways. As you plan a casket burial, there are three types of coins that are ideal for your loved one. Each type of coin can include something that is directly related to your loved one and the amazing life they lived. By speaking to coin dealers, you can easily gain access to these types of coins.

Birth Years

One of the easiest ways to honor a loved one with a coin is by purchasing a coin with the person's birth year on it. The birth year showcases their time on Earth and is a great way to honor their legacy. When choosing birth coins, you can select a single coin or opt for a whole set. For example, you can place a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter with the birth years on them. If you want something larger and more valuable, then you can seek a silver dollar or half-dollar with the birth year on it. You also have the option of showing their whole legacy by including coins with the death year. For example, you can place a quarter with the birth year and a quarter with the death year inside the casket to represent their whole life.

Commemorative Pop-Culture Coins

Through the years, a number of coins have been released that depict various characters, celebrities, and pop-culture themes. By doing a little research, you can find coins for sale that feature these pop-culture designs. For example, if your family member loved The Wizard of Oz, then you can purchase a collector's coin that can go inside of the casket. Various coins have been released that feature characters and scenes from the film. If your loved one was a big sports fan, then there are a number of coins that can be purchased for the casket. For example, in 2014, the US mint released a number of coins in honor of the Baseball Hall of Fame. These coins feature gloves, balls, bats, and other designs on them. It's a great way to showcase a person's love for various sports. If there is a special pop-culture interest that your loved one had, then a coin dealer can help you track down a similar coin design.

Location Coins

Honor your loved ones by celebrating where they came from. A location coin is a coin that showcases an area they grew up in, were born in, or where their ancestors are from. One of the easiest coins to purchase with this design is a state quarter. The US Mint released quarters for every state and they can be easily obtained through a coin dealer. If you want to honor the ancestry of your loved one, then you can shop for coins from around the world. For example, if your loved one was Irish, then you can bury him with a special coin from Ireland. This is a great little memento to include in a casket and goes well with other decorative items that may be placed in the casket like national flags.

Contact a coin dealer, such as American Precious Metals Inc, to find out more information on the various coins that are available. If you order online, you can choose expedited shipping options to help get the coins in time for funeral services.


20 July 2016

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