The Features Of A Pali Sei.9 Stroller For Your Child

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When walking and traveling with a child, it is important to have a good stroller. The Pali Sei.9 Stroller has many features that make it practical and adjustable for both a newborn infant and a young toddler. Here are some things to consider when buying a stroller for your child or grandchild: 

Compact and Lightweight:  The Pali Sei.9 Stroller has a unique folding system that allows it to fold into a very compact shape when not in use. Once folded, you can pick it up and carry it like a suitcase or use the carrying strap to carry it over one shoulder. The compact folding size makes it easy to carry and stow on a plane, train, or automobile. The stroller can be unfolded with one hand is fully functional as soon as it is unfolded. This design makes it lightweight and yet strong enough to carry an active child. 

Wheels and Brake:  The Pali Sei.9 Stroller has four heavy-duty rubber wheels that cushion the ride on a bumpy or uneven sidewalk or path. The front wheels swivel 360º to make it easy to steer with one hand. The stroller has a brake on the rear axle that you can easily activate with your foot to keep it from rolling on a slanted surface.

Canopy Top:  The Pali Sei.9 Stroller canopy top can be adjusted to different positions or completely removed. When in the upright position, the back of the canopy top can be unzipped and rolled up to provide a viewing window that allows a free flow of air to your child. The canopy top also has a zippered back pocket to hold a few small items within easy reach. 

Adjustable Seat:  The seat of the Pali Sei.9 Stroller can be adjusted to recline in three positions to accommodate an awake or sleeping child. The seat can also fully recline to securely hold an infant car seat and position it to face either forward or backward. 

Harness:  The Pali Sei.9 Stroller has a 5-point harness that holds your child across the shoulders, tummy, and hips. The harness is padded for comfort and can be adjusted as your child grows from an infant to a toddler.

Colors:  The Pali Sei.9 Stroller is available in black and orange, black and yellow, black and gray, and all black. These colors are very bright and reflective to keep it visible when walking in low light conditions. 

The many features of the Pali Sei.9 stroller make it a good tool for the parents or grandparents of a young child and one that will give them many years of service. 


30 May 2017

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