2 Tools You Can Use To Teach Yourself App Development

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There are all kinds of reasons why it is good to know a little about computer programming and application development, whether you are in a career that is relative or just the average joe or jane. Apps are used by everyone for all kinds of things, whether it is an app on a smartphone for time tracking or an app on a tablet that provides an enjoyable game.

Most people assume that learning how to build and develop your own apps is something that you would have to go to school to achieve. However, with the ready availability of teaching tools out there, this is not always the case. Here is a quick look at two of the tools you can use to teach yourself the basics of application development. 

Java and iOS Development Forums 

In general terms, the very first part of learning to develop apps should be gaining an understanding of Java and iOS. Java is the platform for Android applications, where iOS is the platform for Apple applications. Getting familiar with both platforms is important if you ever intend to get anywhere with app development, and there is no better place to start than in forums where people are discussing both terms. 

It may seem strange to start in forums to teach yourself app development, but getting info straight from people who already know what they're doing is nice. Plus, most of these forums have an excellent group of experts who are willing to answer questions, so newbie threads are fairly easy to find. 

NeoBook Rapid Application Builder 

The most important tool you should have access to when learning to build apps is an easy-to-use application builder. Application builders, which come in downloadable software format, give you the ability to create apps one layer at a time using simple coding methods and general steps that are easy to follow. NeoBook is one of the most popular application builders on the market. 

There are a few reasons why NeoBook is an excellent application builder for newcomers to the idea. One, NeoBook has a familiar layout with a guiding wizard and a tool palette that you can use during the build. And two, Neobook simplifies the process of integrating things like scanned documents, saved imagery, and other files into an app during development. Plus, you don't have to have anything special to run the created apps once you are finished.  


22 January 2018

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