How Police Helmets Provide Vital Protection In The Line Of Duty

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Law enforcement is a career that is very rewarding and dangerous. Police officers have to take risks everyday on their job. They have to answers calls for domestic disputes, which can get out of control quickly. It also means dealing with people from all walks of life. Read on to find out how police helmets provide vital protection in the line of duty.

Creates An Identity

Many people underestimate the power of clothing, which can shape the way you are perceived. A police uniform is perceived as respect or a higher authority to the public. If a criminal see a police officer in the area, then he or she will stop the negative behavior. Citizens also see police officers as place where they can get help. If a pedestrian has a flat tire, then the person may stop a police officer for help.

A standard uniform is blue. It consists of a pants, shirt, hat, helmet, badge, utility belt, patent leather shoes, gun holster, radio holder and baton. This creates an identity for officers all over the United States. You know who they are when you see the blue uniform.

Protect While On The Beat

Some officers wear ballistic helmets when on foot patrol. It is when officers patrol a certain neighborhood or area. A ballistic helmet is lightweight and built with para aramid material. It provides protection from fragmentation projectiles and ballistic.

Helmets are another level of protection. The bad guys know that police officers wear soft body armor. When criminals get desperate, they will try to take a shot at the head of an officer. For these reasons, officers often use helmets for impact protection.

Choose A Style

Helmet comes in a variety of styles with different capabilities. These styles may include personnel armor system for ground troops (PASGT) helmet, below the ear cut (BTE) and high cut. The PASGT and BTE styles provide the most ballistic coverage. They usually cover your ear or cover you at mid ear. The disadvantage is the extra weight on your head, which makes it uncomfortable to wear a headset.

The high cut style is light weight and comes with a mounting system. The mounting system can be used to attach different accessories like a camera, lights and headset adapters. The best style depends on your job needs.

Your department will give you the dress code for your line of work. It helps to cover all bases when it comes to safety when working as a police officer.


31 May 2018

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