3 Things You Need To Know About The First Time You Buy Jewelry For Your New Girlfriend


If you've recently reached a stage in your relationship where you and the person you're seeing have decided to pursue seeing one another exclusively, you're undoubtedly excited about this new phase of your life. However, it's kind of a tricky time in a relationship — you aren't quite casually dating anymore, but neither are you extremely serious. It is during this point in most relationships where nice gifts begin to be a part of the picture, and it's perfectly normal for young men in your position to be unsure about what kind of jewelry to give her for her birthday and other special occasions. If you're an inexperienced jewelry buyer, that makes it even harder to choose an appropriate gift. 

Fortunately, strategies exist that are designed to help you make good choices. Following are three of them. 

Study Her Style

The best way of knowing what kind of jewelry your girl wants to receive is by looking closely at what she already has, particularly pieces that she seems to particularly cherish or has picked out on her own. Look at what she wears almost every day — she may trot out a necklace every now and then that her grandmother gave her without really caring for it. If she likes bold statement pieces, that's what you should look for in a gift — just like if delicate and dainty is her style, you need to choose something along those lines. Keep in mind that the most common mistake young men your age make when choosing jewelry for a young woman is to select something they personally like without giving any thought to whether it's something that the recipient will like as well.

Don't Go Too Extravagant 

You should also avoid the mistake of choosing something that's overly extravagant. Naturally, you'll want to give her something of good quality, but anything that's simply too expensive or too showy will make you come across as if impressing her is more important than finding something that suits her individual taste.

Choose Something With Personal Meaning

Even though the two of you haven't created a great deal of personal history at this point in your relationship, try to choose a piece of jewelry that has at least a small degree of personal meaning. For instance, if your first date was a picnic in a park and you picked daisies, consider a necklace or pair of earrings with a daisy motif. If nothing really strikes a chord, keep in mind that you can rarely go wrong with jewelry featuring her birthstone. 

Ask the professionals at your local jewelry store for more information on picking out the perfect gift. 


21 July 2018

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