Military Truck Parts: Buying Parts And Terms To Know About Military Parts

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If you were searching for a used truck to buy and happen to stumble across a used military truck available and within your budget, you are probably now looking to restore the vehicle. Just like ordinary vehicles, military trucks need parts to maintain it in proper running condition. For trucks in the military inventory, there is an extensive system that provides parts and service items at the point of need, but unfortunately, this won't help you. The good news, the following tips will show you where to find military truck parts for sale and what the terms mean associated with the parts.

Buying Military Parts

Before you buy any military truck parts for sale, it is important to write down the part number from the old part. Once you find an item matching the part you need, carefully check to make sure the part numbers are correct for what you are looking for. In some situations, the part may be available from the manufacturer or one of their dealers. For example, if you bought a military Hummer, the parts for a "civilian" Hummer may be the size and model number you need and available through a local dealer.

Where to Find Military Truck Parts

Some online resellers list items, such as military parts, as "lots," which means you must buy everything in the lot or nothing at all. For example, if the seller's ad shows a picture of the steering wheel you need, but it's included with several other items you don't need, you must buy the entire lot in order to get the steering wheel. Some of the best places to find military truck parts include

  • Online auctions
  • Online government auctions
  • Military vehicle magazines
  • Military vehicle forums
  • Online military retailers specializing in military parts & equipment

Terms to Know

The packaging for original military truck parts typically includes the NSN (national stock number), a description of the part, and the contract numbers. Keep in mind that the exact format depends on when the part was made as well as other factors. Some terms to keep in mind when searching for parts include

  • NOS--This term, which is frequently found with military parts listings, means New Old Stock. This means that the parts are new, as they were issued through the military supply line. If you are only interested in "authenticity," NOS parts are generally the first choice.
  • TO--The letters TO when used for vehicle parts means "take-out" or "take-off," which means the part has either been taken out of or off of a vehicle and is being sold separately just as the part.
  • Depot Rebuild--The military uses its own facilities to remanufacture, refurbish, and rebuild certain assemblies, such as transmissions and engines. Depot rebuilds generally means the part is first-class material, fully inspected, and used or usable in a military depot rebuild facility.

If you are having difficulties removing and/or installing replacement parts on your military truck, there are several resources online that may be beneficial, such as military vehicle forums. You may also be able to locate copies of the original manual, which includes auto repair information through online forums and military vehicle magazines.


11 September 2018

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