Consider A Custom-Length Graduation Sash For Students In These Situations

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If you're buying graduation sashes for your school's graduating class, there are many designs to consider. While it's customary to choose sashes that represent your school's colors, giving students the ability to add specific elements such as the "Honor Society" or the school's athletic team's logo can make the graduation sashes important mementos for the student body at this exciting time in their lives. Graduation sashes are typically sold in a conventional length, but many suppliers give you the option to select sashes that are shorter or longer than average. Here are some times that you might wish to order custom-length sashes for students.

A Student Who Is Exceptionally Tall

If you have one or more students in the graduating class who are exceptionally tall, a standard length of graduation sash isn't going to cut it. It's common for the ends of a graduation sash to hang around the waist or below, but if someone is significantly taller than his or her classmates, this person's sash won't look uniform. The ends of it may only hang around the student's diaphragm, for example, and this can look less than ideal when the students are standing next to each other a photo. In this scenario, a longer sash will be optimal.

A Student Who Is In A Wheelchair

A student who is in a wheelchair will likely need a custom graduation sash, too, only this one will need to be shorter than average. If someone were to wear a standard-length graduation sash while seated in a wheelchair, the ends of the sash may drape over his or her thighs. Or, in the case of a longer graduation sash, there's even the risk that one end could get trapped in the spokes of one of the wheels. A student in this situation can benefit from a sash that is a little shorter in length.

A Student Who Is Significantly Overweight

It's possible that there's a student in your graduating class who is contending with a major weight problem. While there might be several students who are overweight, you should be cognizant of one who is dramatically overweight. Although you don't want to center this person out, the reality is that a conventional-length graduation sash may not hang at the correct height because of the size of the person's chest and abdomen. A longer sash will suit this person well, hanging at the same point at the sashes of his or her classmates.


10 January 2019

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