Making The Choice Between A Grand And Baby Grand Piano

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Grand pianos offer quite a different music experience than upright pianos, and if you have the room for a grand piano, you may consider springing for that instead of an upright. Yet that's not the only difference you'll find when you go to shop for a piano for sale. If you're trying to buy a grand-style piano, you'll also have a choice between baby and regular grand pianos. Despite the similarities in how these look, they do offer different advantages.

Space, of Course

Baby grand pianos tend to be less than 5 feet long or so. You'll find there are actually several classifications, ranging from petite baby grand to much larger professional sizes, but the main dividing line tends to be at the 5-foot mark. That means you have to have the space for the piano, not only for the item itself, but also for a bench that can be pushed back a comfortable amount, room for people to walk around the piano, and room to let the acoustics and location of walls vs. piano be less cramped and compacted. A baby grand is much better for even medium-sized rooms as the space around the piano can make the player feel more or less relaxed.

Volume and Tone

The longer, bigger cavity of the grand piano produces a much richer tone than that of upright pianos, and the bigger cavity of the grand vs. the baby grand offers the best tone possible. Players also have more options for volume control, again because there is simply more acoustic space to play with inside that piano. Even though the top of the piano is open on both grands and baby grands, the sound and volume can still be different because of the acoustics. The sides of the piano affect how sound is projected out into the room.

Practice vs. Performance

Both grand and baby grand pianos, like uprights, can last a very long time when made well. However, for those hoping for a professional career in music, a grand, if they have the room, may be a better choice because the musician will hear the sound and get used to the feel of the same type of instrument that would be on stage. There's no adjustment between practice and performance if the musician uses the same type of piano for both.

Buying a piano is not a fast transaction. The sale itself might be easy, but you must be sure that the style you're getting is one that you'll be able to use for years upon years.


17 August 2019

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