Shopping For CBD Products Online And Choosing Delivery Options

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Shopping online for your CBD (cannabidiol) products can open up a lot of products to you, but you must know what you are getting. CBD is stable and safe to ship, so the method of CBD delivery is not a huge concern, but there are some things you might want to take into consideration when you order your products. 

Shipping and Delivery

Because CBD comes in so many different products, the way it comes to your home can vary. In many cases, the CBD may be in a liquid form, as with CBD tinctures or a vape juice that contains CBD. The liquid is most commonly shipped in a glass bottle and well packed, but it is a good idea to track your shipment and not leave it in the mailbox any longer than needed.

The oil sitting in the mailbox might get hot over time, and the glass could break from the heat and expansion. Working with a company that will give you a tracking number is the best way to know delivery has occurred. Once your CBD delivery has arrived, store the CBD in a cool, dry place to help extend the life of the product. 

Delivery Concerns

The method in which you receive a CBD product is also important because the products are expensive, and having a package stolen and having to order a replacement could be costly. If you have some delivery options to choose from when you order your CBD, look for one that allows an in-hand delivery. 

Most mail carriers and contractors will bring the package to the door if you request that in the delivery instructions. The shipping company may charge a small fee for that, but the added cost may be worth it to know that the package is going to come directly to you and not be left somewhere that someone else could pick it up and walk away with it. 

To add additional security to the shipment, you may even want to have the shipper require a signature when it is delivered. Signature required packages allow the postal service to tell you who received the package, and with some companies, you can limit the people that can receive it if you want.

Age Restrictions

Because some of the products that contain CBD are age-restricted, you may need to ensure that an adult is available to receive the package when the CBD delivery arrives. Products like CBD vape juice and flowers for smoking are not legal for minors to possess in the US, and while receiving the delivery is a gray area, some companies may require an adult sign for the package to conform to federal laws. 

Contact a CBD delivery service for more information.


10 April 2020

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