3 Differences Between Stuffed and Traditional Taffy

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When you shop for taffy, one of the options you have is a stuffed taffy. The taffy alternative has been produced for decades and features an upgrade on the classic taffy. When you go to purchase stuffed taffy, you will notice several differences from traditional taffy. Learn about the differences and what makes a stuffed taffy so unique from the traditional candy.

1. Taffy Center

Most traditional taffy candies are a solid release with a single flavor woven throughout the taffy design. A stuffed taffy stands out due to the center filling in the candy.  For example, you can buy peanut butter stuffed taffy. The whole center of the candy includes a peanut butter filling which compliments the taffy flavors. Even though the taffy is flat and thin, the layers are evident, especially when you cut a piece of taffy in half.

2. Flavors

The unique center of the candy is what has led to several releases of stuffed taffy. The use of the center allows a candy company to create a lot of unique fillings. For example, some brands offer mystery flavors. The mystery flavor changes over the years, but past versions have led to the release of flavors like apple and chocolate.

The candy company develops new mystery flavors constantly, giving you all different options to try when you order a batch of the candy. With regular taffy, the candy is typically colored to match the flavor. For example, a cherry taffy would have a red dye. A mystery flavor is all-white to keep people guessing on the actual flavor.

3. Shape

Many kinds of traditional taffy come in the form of bite-size pieces, often individually wrapped and placed inside bags or boxes. For example, a box of saltwater taffy would include small pieces of taffy. A person would grab one piece at a time, open the wrapper, and enjoy the candy.

A stuffed taffy features an elongated shape, that matches the shape of a traditional candy bar. People who purchase the candy bar will have a lot of candy to enjoy and can even split the taffy into multiple portions. Once you finish part of the candy, use the wrapped to close the taffy up again so it remains fresh.

If you're a big fan of taffy, you can purchase a bulk box of candy filled with multiple bars. The boxes are often made for retail but are also sold to consumers in bulk. Learn more by contacting companies that make Abba Zaba Mystery Taffy. 


30 September 2020

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