What A New Graduate Needs To Know About Graduation Stoles And How To Choose One

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Graduating from college is one of the biggest accomplishments in life, and many have studied and worked hard to arrive at this important milestone. As such, your graduation should be a memorable event that celebrates all you have achieved during your course of study. A custom graduation stole is an important part of your graduation attire and will help you show off your accomplishments while looking great on your special day.

What is a graduation stole?

A graduation stole, also referred to as a sash, is a fabric vestment that is worn around the neck and drapes over the front of the graduation gown. It is a way for graduates to display their notable academic achievements or involvement in a specific fraternity or sorority in college. While often worn to show prestigious accolades, it can also be worn for other reasons.  

For instance, a graduation stole may be worn to express thanks to someone who helped you achieve success. This can be a person or organization that awarded you with a scholarship or other financial assistance to help you get through college. It can also be worn in honor of someone who offered you encouragement and inspired you through your studies.

How to select a custom stole

Check with your college or university to see if they have any regulations regarding the color of a stole or sash and size specifications. Some colleges designate specific colors for each area of study, such as green for healthcare fields, yellow for math and science, pink for music, etc. Have your achievements and special acknowledgments embroidered or screen printed on the stole to highlight your college journey.

How can you preserve your graduation stole?

Preserving your graduation stole is a great way to keep the memory of your special day alive. You can choose to frame the stole in a standard frame if desired, but make sure the frame has glass to keep your stole dust-free. Shadow boxes work well for preserving stoles, as you do not have to worry about the stole being smashed by the glass.

Graduating from college is an exciting event in the life of a student. As your graduation day approaches, you want to make sure you have all the right attire as you walk up to receive your diploma in front of your friends and family. Choosing the right graduation stole will help you dress for success when your graduation day arrives.


14 September 2021

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