Three Benefits Of Countertop Corporate Plaques

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Custom corporate plaques can add a lively and celebratory feel to any office space, giving you a chance to recognize the various accomplishments of your employees throughout the year. Browsing the website of a company that specializes in these plaques will present you with all sorts of design ideas, making it easy to find some products that you know will work well. One decision to make is whether you want plaques that you mount on the wall or place on a countertop or other horizontal surface. The latter type of plaque is equipped with a wide base or stand that allows it to sit upright. Here are some benefits of countertop plaques.


A lot of people favor countertop plaques because of their portability. Because these plaques simply sit on any flat surface, you can move them wherever you'd like. For example, you might have certain plaques on a shelf in the reception area of your business for a period of time, but then decide to give them to different employees to have on display in their cubicles. If your company is attending a trade show, you can easily take certain plaques with you to display in your booth.

Quicker Setup

It takes mere seconds to position a countertop plaque where you want it. You'll spend longer deciding where to position it than actually setting it up. The same isn't true with wall-mounted plaques. To hang a plaque, you'll need some basic hardware and tools. You'll also need a bit of experience doing this work if you want to be happy with the look of the finished product. If you're the type of person who likes to get things done quickly and efficiently, countertop corporate plaques may be the better choice for you.

Easier To See

When you think about the layout of your office and the placement of furniture within it, you may feel that countertop plaques would be more visible than those that hang on the wall. For example, if you have a plaque that you really want people to see when they enter, you can place the plaque on the reception counter. This is a place where most people stop, which means that they'll almost certainly see the plaque. If you were to hang a plaque on the wall of the reception area, people may not see it unless they decide to stand directly against the wall — something that may not always occur. 

For more information about corporate plaques, contact a local company. 


24 October 2022

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