Reasons To Use A Cutting Board With Built-In Trays

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A cutting board is a piece of kitchen equipment that you may use several times a day. It's essential for preparing all three meals, and it can also come in handy when you're making certain snacks. When you shop for a cutting board, you'll often notice products that feature built-in trays. These cutting boards are tall to accommodate for the trays, and come in a number of different sizes. If you're in the market for a new cutting board for your food prep work, here are some reasons to favor a product that features built-in trays.

Fast Food Prep

A lot of people use this unique type of cutting board because it allows them to prepare food quickly. For example, if you're cutting some fresh vegetables such as carrots and celery into sticks so that your family has a convenient, healthy snack in the fridge, you can cut the veggies on the board and then immediately sweep them into one of the built-in trays. You can then remove the tray from below the cutting board and put its lid on. With a conventional cutting board, you'd need to either lift the board to sweep the veggie sticks into a waiting container or load them in the container by hand — both of which will take longer than if you're using a cutting board with built-in trays.

Less Counter Space

This type of cutting board can also be a good option for those who have minimal counter space in their kitchen. In the above scenario of cutting vegetable sticks, you'd take up more space if you have a cutting board with one or more plastic containers beside it. If you have family members who are also trying to use the kitchen at the same time, you want to occupy as little space as possible. When your cutting board has built-in trays, you'll have a smaller footprint.

Better For Tall People

Whereas the surface of a conventional cutting board often sits just a fraction of an inch about the kitchen counter, a cutting board with built-in trays is several inches high. This extra height is handy for people who are of above-average height. When you're tall, bending forward to use a conventional cutting board may sometimes leave you with a sore back — especially after a long period of food prep. When your cutting board is taller, you won't need to bend over nearly as far. This will allow you to work in more comfort.

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24 January 2023

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