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Music boxes only need to be cranked to let waves of nostalgia wash over you. However, due to their memorable nature, many music boxes tend to be older and in need of proper care. Knowing how to take care of your music box makes sure you can listen to these happy memories whenever you wish.

Playing Your Music Box Properly

Playing your music box probably isn't something you put much thought into, but there is a proper way to play your music box. You should always keep your music box horizontal and upright. This ensures all of your box's components remain level and balanced.

When your music box is playing you should never crank it. If you crank your music box while it's playing, you run the risk of damaging the delicate comb and teeth of the music mechanism. If these wear down your music box may get out of tune or be unable to play.  

You should also be aware that sudden changes in room temperature could damage your music box. Too hot, or too cold, and your music box's components can break. It's best to wait for your music box to adjust to the room's temperature before playing.

Maintaining Your Music Box

Cleaning a music box, especially and an older one, must be done very carefully. Many of the painted decorations were applied without primer and can easily scrub off. Therefore, you should always start by wiping away any dust and debris with a soft, dusting cloth. Always apply as little pressure as necessary.

If a dust cloth isn't cutting it, you may need to use a cloth dampened with soapy water. Again, apply as little pressure as necessary to remove the dirt from your music box. If your music box has ornate carving or borders, consider using a cotton swab to clean out hard to reach places.

To oil the mechanical parts of your music box, don't use standard mechanical greases. These almost cake-like greases will attract and hold onto dust and grime. When this happens, the dirt gets caked on and can ruin your music box. Instead, use a light, aerosol based lubricant to keep your music box in good working order. This type of oil has a lower viscosity and won't hang onto dirt and debris like other greases will.

What To Do With A Broken Music Box

If the teeth or combs of your music box have become damaged, there's still hope. If only a few teeth are damaged often they can be replaced at your local music box shop. If your music box mechanisms are severely damaged, they can be replaced entirely with new components. 

Contact a company like The Music House for more information and assistance. 


10 September 2017

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